Our innovative and automated smart devices reinvent how brands engage with consumers by bridging the gap between digital and physical. 

We work with consumer brands to create immersive and exciting experiences to engage with new consumers, learn more about their preferences, recommend the most relevant product, and then immediately dispense the appropriate product sample.

Our compact smart devices can be placed in a variety of locations, including retail, travel-retail, and hospitality venues.


Our Technology

Our robust software can track each interaction and gather valuable consumer data. This can be utilised by brands to learn more about consumer preferences and leveraging Odore’s platform, brands can cross-sell relevant products.

Odore devices can capture the attention of customers, and act as an awareness tool to promote new/existing products, differentiate brands from their competitors, and boost customer engagement.

We hyper-target the distribution of product samples to the most appropriate customer, pushing traffic directly to the brand, leading to higher conversion rates and heightened ROI for brands.